Smile when it hertz the most

2600 Recordings:Home Entertainment – OUT OCT 29th!


Norwich based label 2600 Recordings, present their debut compilation Home Entertainment, a collection of some of the finest instrumental hiphop the UK is producing today. Presenting music from almost every end of the British Isles, the compilation chronicles some major talent on the UK production scene.

Featuring artists that have been a staple on the underground scene for many years, Home Entertainment delivers a decidedly pungent kick to the face of other instrumental labels forging a very strong path from the off, serving up heat from a number of producers who prove they´re definitely ones to watch.

One such talent is Mr Cooper, a producer who has recently had his track hand picked by the legendary underground emcee, Sage Francis for his Human The Death Dance album. Similarly the Kingston based Buddy Peace, whos previously been enrolled by Canadian label Bully Records to mix up their back catalogue on a limited, exclusive 7 release, serves up a duo of narratives that prove the man´s got serious talent behind the boards.

With tracks from ZILLA, Lukid, The Contortionist, Tempa, 3rd Party, Brighton legend Req and established producer Waxfactor under his Ambulance Chasers guise, 2600 deliver a formidable line-up of some of the most diverse hip hop tinged production. Taking in post, prog and psych rock elements one must listen to the compilation fully to appreciate its intricacies. Its music for more than just nodding your head to. 2600 Recordings proudly present: Home Entertainment.

01. Ambulance Chasers – GHC
02. SirHowy – I Remember Cocoon Union
03. Tempa & Mr Laws – Bracelet Toothpick
04. Lukid – Lazybeat
05. Tempa – Wonderland
06. Buddy Peace – Burner Kit
07. The Contortionist – Bump ‘n’ Grindhouse
08. The 13th Tribe – Chi ft. MC Shana
09. Mr Cooper – For Oliver Jack
10. 3rd Party – Troika
11. Req – Concert Pianist
12. Land Equivalents – Beautiful Noise
13. Buddy Peace – Cold Train Heater
14. Production Unit – Dark and Unbalanced
15. ‘ZILLA’ – Bout It/Bout It


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