Smile when it hertz the most

Heroes are Villians


Ed Rush & Trace-The No U Turn Experience, One In The Jungle 97
Dj Trace – Live on Kool Fm 95
Here at GOW we are indebted to many things, but our sound owes its very dark heart to the ghostly audio captured by Nico, Ed Rush, Fierce and Dj Trace; the No U Turn crew in the mid to late 90s. Sharp skeletal drums that more then simply defy the ageing process by managing to still sound like the future more then 10 years after they passed through Nico’s sequencer in his fluorescent No U-Turn soundlab. At a time when the drum & bass world was enjoying ‘artcore’ and mellow jazz meanderings No U Turn took the scene and painted it black, and to that all Gods Of War can do is bow to the floor and kiss their dark and cold shadows. Check this great Ed Rush interview that perfectly sets the scene whilst rocking these two live sessions from the men in question.


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