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At long last, after years of being swapped around on yousendit, torrents and CDRs – we’re proud to present to you an official home for all archived ‘ZILLA’ mixes.phpn5bycppm.jpg
A Friendly Game Of Chess

Put together by ‘ZILLA’ and Buddy Peace back in mid 2003 and limited only to 100 hand sprayed copies. Greeted by a overwhelming amount of support this cd sold-out with in a week, and has been in demand since its first and only pressing.A Friendly Game Of Chess tracklist

Phaze 1 (ZILLA)
1. DJ Food – Quadraplex Part 1 (The Eternal Call Version)
2. Zilla – Daisy Cutter (Half A Demo Re-Edit)
Phaze 2 (Buddy)
3. Rhymescheme – B Boy (Buddy Re-Edit)
4. Jel – DIY Partisan (Center Remix)
Phaze 3 (ZILLA)
5. Massive Töne – HipHop and Rap
6. F.A.B. – F.A.B. AM Mikrofon
7. Beck – Waitin’ For A Train
8. Brian Eno – From The Same Hill
9. Innerstance Beatbox – Abuse Of The Spoken Word
10. Innerstance Beatbox – I Have A Special Camera
Phaze 4 (Buddy)
11. Buddy Peace – ‘Safe Driver’ Message
12. Cookies and Beans Intro
13. Tino – Elegant Dub
14. Sage Francis – Mermaids Are Seasluts (Frenchkiss Version)
15. Aceyalone – Mic Check (Acoustic Version)
16. Edan – Drop Some Smooth Lyrics (Cyanide Version)
17. Beck – Cyanide Breath Mint (Bonus Beats)
18. Buddy Bonus Loop/Zilla Gets His Prayer on
Phaze 5 (ZILLA)
19. Pixies – Where Is My Mind
20. Mobb Deep – Shook ones Part 2 (’Slash Your Face In’ Remix)
21. Cornelius – Typewritter Lesson
22. Boards of Canada – Zeotrope (’Music To Travel on’ Re-Touch)
23. Laurie Anderson – The Hollywood Stranger
24. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
25. Jimi Hendrix – Into The Sun
26. Zilla – Broken Glass My Friend (Something About Bursting Into Fire)
Phaze 6 (Buddy)
27. Buddy Peace – ‘God Boy’ Intro
28. Shing02 – Beat Interlude
29. Freestyle Fellowship – Bomb Zombies
30. Otherwise – Drunk (Instrumental)
31. BLVD Mosse – U Can’t Escape The Hypeness
32. Frankenstein – The Pain
33. Abstract Art – All My Circuits

One Foot In The Fire, One Fist in The Air

The first solo ‘ZILLA’ cd, again sticking to the limited hand sprayed format. Comprised of almost 100 tracks from Autechre to Britney Spears, interviews and spoken word interludes, the CD sold-out in a day, attracted attention from all corners and ended up in many a Best of 2004 listings. This mix also aired on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel radio show ( on 15/09/03 )in a editted format. As usual a long track list, this mix was on a early mix ‘ZILLA’ put together called ‘Dear Diary-A Teachers Mix’ (which won iDJ’s ‘Readers’ Mixes’ competition in May 2003) coupled with a lot of smaller routines ‘ZILLA’ was playing out in bars & such at the time. Nods on this to Z-Trip in the form of the Pink Floyd blend and Skalpel’s first Solid Steel mix (Laurie Anderson’s ‘Walking and Falling.) This mix was created using an old Boss Digital Multi-track and an MPC 2000XL.

One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air tracklist
Laurie Anderson-The End Of The World-Warner Brothers
7 Hurts-We Keep On-Output
Laurie Anderson-The Salesmen-Warner Brothers
Zilla-Scene Setting-Bewilderd Beat-hedz
Dj Shadow-Midnight In A Perfect World (extended Mix)-Mowax
Eknah Easwaran-Meditation-Arhoolie
Meredith Monks-Liquid Air-Ecm
Dj Krush Ft Dj Shadow-Duality-Mowax
Nigo-Very Good My Friend (acapella)-Bathing Ape
Laurie Anderson-Born Never Asked-Warner Brothers
Death In Vegas-Dirge-Concrete
Laurie Anderson-Walking And Falling-Warner Brothers
Dj Krush-Meiso (dj Shadow Remix)-Mowax
Dj Shadow-Monosymbalik-Island/Mowax
Epmd-Its My Thing-Def Jam
Dj Shadow-Mutual Slump-Mowax
Bjork-Possibly Maybe-One Little Indian
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy-Circa
Doors-Riders On The Storm-Emi
Chemical Brothers-Buzz Tracks-Freestyle Dust/Virgin
Britney Spears-I’m A Slave 4 U (instrumental)-Jive
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon-Pias
Plastikman-Konception-Plus 8
Dj Food-Spiral Dub-Ninjatune
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation-Arhoolie
Mr Fingers-Can U Feel It-Junior Boys Own
Armand Van Heldon-Reservoir Dogs-Ffrr
Unique 3-The Theme-10 Records
Smoke and Mirrors-New York Joint-Spirit
Meat Beat Manifesto-Radio Babylon-Pais
Run Dmc-Beats To The Rhyme-Arista
Company Flow-End To End Burners-Rawkus
Piero Piccioni-Italanamericana Collage-Lo
Dj Shadow-Lost and Found-Mowax
Unkle-The Knock-Mowax
Rufige Crew-Dark Metal-Metalheads
Boom Bip & Dose One-Untitled Outro-Mush
Levi 167-Something Fresh To Swing To-B Boy Records
The Herbaliser-Mother-Ninjatune
Queen-Rock You-Street Beat
Billy Squire-The Big Beat-Street Beat
Beastie Boys-Professor Booty-Brooklyn Dust
Pink Floyd-What Shall We Do-Emi
Pink Floyd-Money Lust-Emi
Dj Shadow-Blood On The Motorway-Island/ Mowax
Roots Manuva-Witness (dub)-Big Dada
Jeru Tha Damaja-Playing Ya Self-Payday
Dj Cam-Success-Inflammable
Notorious Big-Hypnotise-Badboy
Timezone-Zulu Warchant (funky Remix)-React
Butler Kiev-Rewind-Planet Mu
Original Hampster-Notorious Dsp-Tigerbeat6
Blackalicious-Rhymes For The Dear Dumb and Blind-Mowax
Tino-Tino Dub Breaks-Tino Corp
Steady B-Serious (remix)-Jive
Dj Shadow-Number Song ( Cut Chemist Rmx)-Mowax
Raekwon-Can It All Be So Simple-Remix-Loud
Supreme Nyborn-Versatile Extension-Rawkus
Tribe Called Quest-Oh My God-Jive
Chemical Brothers-Kling To Me and I’ll Klong To You-Freestyle Dust
Frijid Pink-Crying Shame-Lo
Funky Porcini-Tiny Kangaroo Dolphin (from Hell)-Ninjatune
Neotropic-Je Suis-Ninjtune
Byrds-Mr Tamborine Man (acapella)-Comet
Dj Krush-Oce 9504-Mowax
Adam Johnson-Changer Demain-Merck
Eknath Easwaran-Meditation-Archollie
Machine Drum-Uptown-Merck
Beatnuts-Off The Books (acapella)-Loud
Ulrich Schnauss-Nobodys Home-City Centre Office
Ol’Dirty Bastard-Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)-Elektra
Laurie Anderson-Walking and Falling-Warner Brothers
*plus bonus CD material, the details of which have been lost*

Headz Up

A 30 minute mix originally devised for radio broadcast in early 2004( Radio Magnetic & Solid Steel ) this is also known as the ‘Delta 9’ mix, as it was available to download intially from the Delta-9 site . The Solid Steel broadcast (on 2/2/04) was also paired with another short mix entitled ‘In Loving Memorex’.

Headz Up tracklist

Jaydee – introVarious – Great Balls of Fire
Boogie down productions – South Bronx
Prefuse 73 – Perverted undertone
Jean Jaque Perry – E.V.A
**Government training film
Gangstarr – Dj Premier in Deep concentration
Autechre – Lowride
Kylie – slow (acc)
Masters at Work – Just a lil dope
Autechre – Nil
Beanie Sigel – When you hear that (acc)
Organised Konfusion – Stress
Daedlus – Playing Parties (YNQ the stars remix)
Atmos – Shock Therapy (inst)
Dan the Automator – Bear Witness 3 (once again) (MVO Re-Edit)
Ten andTracer – Redix Winter
Busta Rhymes ft The Neputunes- Light yo ass on fire
Lemn – Advice for the living (Aim Remix)
Dj Olive the Audio Janitor – Coonymus
Luke Vibert – Welcome
**the meaning of life
Twine – Piano
Normal – Faveat Fortuna
Juelz Santana – Juelz part of town(Dipset) (acc.)

Reasonable Radio A re-edit of Buddy Peace & ‘ZILLA’s Watch And Repeat Play mix Cd for Warp Records’s Warp Vision DVD created by ‘ZILLA’ and put together for radio promotion purposes (hence all the censored swearing). This mix was created in Logic 4 in 2004 and heavily plays with Buddy Peace’s sections from the original mix, with added acapellas, beats , edits and whole new sections and also went on to help form the basis of the live show for the Warp Vision mini tour. Please note, the tracklist for this mix has been lost.

Live in Hungary 04, Warp Vision show A one man warm up to the full on 4 deck, 2 CDj Warp Vision shows, before the live version was fully nailed down.


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  1. Ace, thanks very much for posting this.

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  2. Thank you so very much for posting this. I’ve been scouring the internet for this stuff. BLAM!

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    Not to come off as an ungrateful git, it’s shame these are only in 128.

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  5. Omnicron

    could you please re-upload the live in hungary warpvision show?

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