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Unique 3 – The Theme (ZILLA Remix)

Unique 3 – The Theme (Fat!)
1. Autechre Remix
2. ‘ZILLA’ Remix




Probably one of the most influential British techno records of the last two decades, Unique 3‘s ‘The Theme’ was a brutal modernist slab of speaker destroying bass and sonar bleeps. Cited as an influence by everyone from LFO to Goldie to The Chemical Brothers, this genuine rave classic provided a particularly British response to the sounds coming out of Detroit in the mid to late eighties.

Now re-issued on Fat! Records, this beautiful little 10″ of red vinyl contains mixes by the legendary Autechre and GoW’s ‘ZILLA’. Having had these mixes rattling around on our iPods for over a year now it’s great to finally see them in the shops. Autechre, slow the whole thing down and murk it up a notch, whilst ‘ZILLA’ turns in a skittering electronic robo-hip-hop jam that absolutely kills it on a large system.

The vinyl is horribly limited, something like 500 worldwide, so buy now or be damned to watch it go for stupid money on Ebay.

Buy now from:

And on MP3 very soon from


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