Smile when it hertz the most

The Chap get chopped

 The Chop (Lo-EB)

 1. Woop Woop – Hot Chip/The Chap
 2. President At Last – Zilla/The Chap
 3. Space = Volume – Pier Bucci/The Chap
 4. Auto Where To – Vincent Oliver/The Chap

  Released 11th June




Set for release next week, The Chop on Lo-EB is a 4 track EP of remixes of everyone’s favourite art rockers The Chap. It’s a tough package with refixes from Hot Chip, Pier Bucci, Vincent Oliver and our own ‘ZILLA’ who has turned in a surprisingly un-aggro version.

As usual for anything involving the Lo boys the whole thing comes in some great packaging (check their LOAF series for the ultimate in plawsh award winning design) but should you be one of those hyper modern types who care little for such things it should be up on soon too.

You can listen to all the tracks here, and it looks like Phonica are right on the ball and have copies in already for purchase here.


One response

  1. tom


    The ‘Zilla’ remix is bloody ace.

    : D

    June 4, 2007 at 10:21 am

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